Thu 08 Jun 2023 05:47

Well, it’s been a great run of not needing to write to my MP, what with her being on the correct side of everything.


Mon 05 Jun 2023 21:44

Half watching the Apple announcements….And they’ve finally done it: adding pets to photo albums.

Screen grab from Apple keynote showing features coming to iOS. “Pet albums in photos” has been highlighting. I assume this means auto recognition of named pets in photos.

Mon 05 Jun 2023 12:35

“Your new [debit] card has some extra features.

Other types of cards have different numbers of dots so it’s easy to tell the difference”


Mon 05 Jun 2023 07:24

Exploring the 2021 census maps.

I suspect the definition of "Security and investigation activities" isn't just mastermind detectives with dysfunctional home lives. But I live in hope that I'm (comparatively) surrounded by them.


A map of central Brighton, colour coded by proportion of people workin in “Security and investigation activities” (whatever that means). It is 0.5%, a green shade, in the central area, and a lighter lime shade elsewhere implcying less than 0.3%.

Thu 01 Jun 2023 20:46

If you’ve got an infrared camera, you’re going to use it, right? Good night at Astro Brighton.

the speaker behind an infrared camera, pointed at the audience, with the image projected showing faces in red and bodies in greens and blues. glasses appear dark.

Title slide: “observing under Hawaiian Skies” Dr Das Baskill, University of Sussex

Sun 28 May 2023 20:30

TIL: Chickens can move really fast when they need to.

Also, this weekend we asked a lot of our dog and she did very well: long drive, three different relative’s homes, children, beaches, a first swim, and my father’s chickens.

Wed 24 May 2023 14:04

Tonight: "the European Space Agency’s ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO), in orbit around Mars, will transmit an encoded message to Earth to simulate receiving a signal from extraterrestrial intelligence."

Live stream: youtube.com/watch?v=zgQq36IR-L

via: centauri-dreams.org/2023/05/23

Fri 19 May 2023 18:24

For the avoidance of doubt, this is the very much the start of training. She is not, repeat not, to be trusted with your pet rabbit, contents of your fridge, or indeed your slippers.

Thu 18 May 2023 20:57

Four weeks of comes to an end, with graduation for Breezy. I will miss our Thursday trips to training class.

A small back and white terrier sits in front of her graduation certificate. It reads: Certificate of AchievementA big paws up toBreezyfor successfully graduatingfrom Dog School!May 2023

Sat 13 May 2023 19:40

Popbitch guide on Serbia: “This song is modal – neither major nor minor, but one of the other, less common scale permutations.”

Sat 13 May 2023 14:55

Beautiful day. Walk around Plumpton. Followed by bath for the dog—it’s still muddy out there.


Buttercups, long grass, mowed grass path, blue skies, small terrier dog, regular sized human. Ingredients for a lovely day.

A dog, not in the least bit bothered about having a shower.

Wed 10 May 2023 21:34

Wise words from :

“Remember, anything on the floor is legally your dog’s!”