Mon 08 May 2023 16:06

I like 😍 the sealanes development in . Yes, it’s a building site, but the Bison brewery pub is open 🍻


A panorama showing the pier, upper deck of Sealanes, and the outdoor pool on the ground level. There’s a lot of wood. It smells of wood.

Photo of a postcard for Bison Beer’s seelanes pub. There is a dog in the background.

Mon 08 May 2023 15:52

Debugging the dog. It’s amazing being able to press a button in an app and be in a video call with a vet 30 minutes later. On a bank holiday Monday. (Reassured and we know what we’re doing. It’s all fine)

Sun 07 May 2023 20:33

Context: 24 bn km is a long way away, but 0.06% of the distance to Proxima Centauri (not that it’s going there — just for “ooh space is big” comparison).

And yet quote from COSMIC Project Scientist, Cherry Ng: “We will be able to monitor millions of stars with a sensitivity high enough to detect an Arecibo-like transmitter out to a distance of 25 parsecs (81 light-years)”.


Sun 07 May 2023 20:27

Voyager 1, which is 24,000,000,000 km away, detected by COSMIC as a technosignature.

“…a dry run for a technosignature detection, and COSMIC is said to offer a sensitivity a thousand times more comprehensive than any previous SETI search. The detection is unmistakable …”



Thu 04 May 2023 22:40

Great to have some excellent live music in the pub, from lovely humans such as @wordridden and @adactio

People playing wind and string instruments, at a table in a pub.  You have no doubt they are talented.

Wed 03 May 2023 21:48

A moment of “what?” followed by “oh yeah, that’s a thing now”

“King's Birthday” has appeared in my calendar. 17 June.

Wed 03 May 2023 15:13

That's quite the tree (via arxiv.org/abs/2304.13712v2)

A tree showing the origins of large language models with Word2Vec at the bottom, and Claude and GPT-4 at the top. There are three main branches, but many off shoots from each.

Mon 01 May 2023 20:09

Lots of glider thingies in the sky at Devil’s Dyke today.

A blue sky with clouds and at least 10 hand glider type things.

Sun 30 Apr 2023 19:54

Four weeks since the dog moved in, and I’m happy to report we’re out of the “what the heck have we done?” stage.

Getting to know each other, and starting training with has helped. She’s a good girl (of course) and it’s going to be all fine 🥰

A dog asleep on her back, legs against a radiator, on top of a terrier tunnel. Come on, admit it, we all wish we could spend our time like this, dog or not.

Sun 30 Apr 2023 19:36

Things you don’t want to hear at the start of a 1hr 50 min train journey:“the toilet in carriage 2 is being reset [whatever that means], and the toilet in carriage 4 is a no-go.”

Thankfully we were only in the train for a few stops.

Sat 29 Apr 2023 08:56

“Comparing Physician and Artificial Intelligence Chatbot Responses to Patient Questions Posted to a Public Social Media Forum” -> jamanetwork.com/journals/jamai

…the difference in reply length is quite something: 52 words by physician vs 221 chatgpt.

I guess the next step is to confidently know when the auto-generated response is a good one.

Fri 28 Apr 2023 21:40

Reading something that describes books as: “Small, light, portable parallel universes”.