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07 Nov 2019

Brighton Rust: Embedded systems, day 3

This week we learned about Real-time For the Masses (RTFM), which gives us tools for concurrent programming on our embedded hardware.

31 Oct 2019

Brighton Rust: Embedded systems, day 2

Following on from last week, this time we did “blinky”: making the LED flash on the hardware. Once again, Tim kindly led us through this and supplied some additional LEDs and resistors so we could get multiple LEDs flashing.

24 Oct 2019

Brighton Rust: Embedded systems, day 1

The Brighton Rust group has been learning how to run Rust programs “bare metal” on embedded hardware. That is, hardware without any operating system: an Arm chip, some memory, the odd button and a few LEDs.

Tim kindly lead us through “hello world”, and these are my notes on what we did, specifically on macOS. I’ve added in a few comments after ducking around after the event.

15 Oct 2019


I like to avoid colds and other nasties, so inspired by Global Handwashing Day, I’ve gathered together links and notes on handwashing and related subjects.

22 Oct 2018

Exploring CGP for playing Atari 2600 games

A paper from June this year showed how to use Cartesian Genetic Programming to play Atari 2600 games. In this post I explore the details of the code in the paper.

14 Jul 2018

Themes at Coed:Ethics

My notes from Coed:Ethics, a conference about ethics for developers.

17 May 2018

Modelling JavaScript in Scala with Scala.js

Surely there’s something in JavaScript that Scala.js can’t handle? If there is, I’ve not found it yet. Each time I’ve faced some JavaScript obstacle I’ve been overjoyed to find an answer in Scala.js.

In this post I’ll highlight 3 features from Scala.js 1.x that I’ve recently used to dig myself out of a hole.

20 Mar 2018

Alexa Skills Basics

I’ve built and published a simple Amazon Alexa skill. It’s called Brighton Tide, and it tells you the time of the next low tide in Brighton, UK.

These are the notes and links I’ve collected.

25 Feb 2018

Thank you Mrs Wilson

“Sir Oliver’s Horse Came Ambling Home To Olivers Abode”

05 Dec 2017

Headless Raspberry Pi and the Mac: Basics

I only occasionally work with a Raspberry Pi, which means I keep forgetting and having to rediscovery some pretty basic tasks.

This post is my crib sheet for working with a headless Pi…

05 Oct 2017

Getting Into Other People's Code

A formal code review involves taking a good look at other people’s code. For some, trying to grok strange code is agony. But I like it.

10 Sep 2017

Two Months with the Findster Duo

I’ve been using the Findster Duo GPS pet tracker for a couple of months. I thought I’d share my experience with it so far…