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12 Apr 2017

Monetizing Open Source

The a16z Podcast for 10 April 2017 was on Monetizing Open Source (Or, All Enterprise Software). It was a conversation with James Watters, Martin Casado, and Sonal Chokshi, asking the question of: how do software companies build a viable business model on top of open source?

These are my notes, with my comments in italic.

23 Feb 2017

Day in the Life of a Functional Programmer

Earlier this week I gave a 45 minute talk on “A day in the life of a functional programing”. The title is one Miles came up with when we were brainstorming the talk. The idea was to try to get across some of the exciting ideas in FP to non-Scala developers. We went for ADTs and type classes.

Notes what I said (or probably said) are in this post, along with slides.

04 Feb 2017

Working Across Timezones

Episode 116 of The Collaboration Superpowers podcast was all about working across multiple timezones. It started me thinking about how I’ve been working across timezones for the last ten years.

11 Oct 2016

Scala and 22

Back in 2014, when Scala 2.11 was released, an important limitation was removed: “Case classes with > 22 parameters are now allowed”. This may lead you to think there are no 22 limits in Scala, but that’s not the case. The limit lives on in functions and tuples. This post explores the limit, looks at an example from Slick, and notes two ideas for what you can do about it.

08 Oct 2016

Bash Tricks

A page to collect together various bash tricks I’ve needed.

02 Sep 2016

Redirects in Route53/S3

The trick for redirecting domains with AWS is to make sure the bucket name exactly matches the domain name. These notes so that I don’t forget this again.

30 Aug 2016

Exoplanet Safari

This is the talk I gave at Brighton Astro. It’s a tour of six exoplanets I liked the look of.

21 Mar 2016

Scala.js is Important for Cloud Services

More people are using serverless architectures than I would have guessed, and they are getting significant benefits from doing so. Scala is a great fit for these kinds of architectures because it can use the JVM and, thanks for Scala.js, JavaScript runtimes too. This post is a small observation regarding this.

08 Mar 2016

Types Working For You, Not Against You

I’m at QCon London this week, talking about how types work for us in the Functional Programming track. This post contains notes and slides for my talk.

12 Feb 2016


I’ve found Google Keep to be simple and productive as a way to keep track of things I need to do. This post shows you what I mean.

01 Feb 2016

Scala and AWS Lambda Blueprints

How to use AWS Lambda with Scala and Slack.

03 Nov 2015

Using the Atom Editor with Scala

If the IDE or editor you’re using for Scala isn’t working for you, or you want a change of scenery, try another tool. It’s easy to switch. This post looks at Atom.