13 Nov 2008

Brighton Scala User Group


Last night was the Brighton Scala User Group pub meet up (Wayback link to meet up). For the record the conversation covered:

  • The Scala Plugin for Eclipse, how it runs on the Mac, how it lives with Maven.
  • The power of Aspect Orientated Programming for fixing other people’s code.
  • NIO.
  • The JVM language summit.
  • Neil Gafter, Closures In Java, what we think NG thinks of Scala.
  • Refinements, a.k.a. duck typing (see section 3.2.7 and specifically example 3.2.4 on page 22 of the Language Spec).
  • Invoke dynamic, tail recursion, catching multiple exceptions.
  • Is there a JSR for Java 7?
  • Java 7, do we care about Java language features now? We do care about the JVM.
  • Languages on the JVM with parity performance with Java: Scala, Clojure.
  • Idioms.
  • Mac keyboards as a way for Apple to lock in users.
  • What Scala language features Java developers like.
  • Using existing web frameworks other than Lift with Scala.
  • Focal length, depth of field.
  • Sun’s war chest.
  • The Groovy/Grails/Spring Source deal.
  • Return early v. one and only one return.
  • Language features for nicely dealing with instanceOf tests.
  • Interesting corner-cases of the type system.
  • What is it about Scala that’s so attractive? What problems is Scala solving?

The next event (Wayback link to next event) will be 17 December 2008.

UPDATE: This became Functional Brighton