02 Dec 2010

Running SBT (or any shell command) from Eclipse


Mostly when I’m writing code I’m in the Scala IDE for Eclipse, with a separate terminal window containing SBT running ~test-quick or jetty-run. But flipping back and forth between terminal and Eclipse is non-optimal, so I went digging for Eclipse + SBT integrations.

There are a few mentioned on the SBT site, but I realized all I needed was a shell prompt as a view in Eclipse and I’d be happy.  And of course it exists already as “Target Management Terminal”, part of the Galileo update site.

  1. Eclipse > Install New Software….
  2. From “Work with:” select Galileo (or whatever’s appropriate for your version of Eclipse).
  3. Type “terminal” in the search box, and select Target Management Terminal.
  4. Go through the download, restart process.
  5. Eclipse > Preferences and search for Terminal if you want to invert the colours (I did).
  6. Window > Show View > Other and select Terminal to show the Terminal view in Eclipse.
  7. Click the green connect button and set up the type of terminal you want (ssh to localhost in my case, and I’m prompted for a password).
  8. Login, you have a shell, do what you want, such as cd into your project and run SBT.

Probably totally obvious, but I missed this trick of having access to a shell from Eclipse.