10 Jun 2015

Towards Browser and Server Utopia with Scala.js

At Scala Days 2015 in Amsterdam I talked about Scala.js, and in particular focussed on the great interoperability with JavaScript. This post gives additional links if you want to dig deeper.


If you’re looking for more background information on CRDTs, Noel posted on this a while back.

The algorithm I ran through (fairly quickly) I’ve described before. The theory and analysis of the WOOT algorithm I presented is from: Oster et al. (2005) Real time group editors without Operational transformation (PDF), report paper 5580, INRIA.


The slides from my presentation are below:

Update: there’s now a recording online.

The source for the example project is over at Github.


To get into Scala.js, I recommend:

  • taking the tutorial at Scala-js.org, and dig into the Pages part of that site for more details.

  • join the Gitter room.

Main Points

The main points I wanted to make were that:

  • Scala.js is part of the story for Making Change Easier. We want to make it cheap, quick, and safe to evolve a code base over time; and

  • You can gradually add Scala.js into an existing project. You don’t have to throw everything away, because Scala.js plays nicely with others.